My credit card has been declined. What can I do?

Check your details
Check that you have entered all your details correctly. Our Secure Payment Gateway will decline your transaction if even a single character is entered out of place.

Contact your bank
If you have entered details correctly and your card is still being declined then contact your bank to verify whether or not your card is authorised for international transactions.

Prepaid or Debit Cards
If you find your Debit Card has been declined at checkout, you can try the PayPal checkout option and enter your card details through PayPal.
Note: PayPal payments are not available on the Makedo UK/EU or Australia stores.

Here is the process for checking out as a 'Guest' using the PayPal checkout option (only for Makedo USA/CANADA and INTERNATIONAL stores).

Screenshot 1: Choose PayPal from the Express Checkout section

Screenshot 2: Pay with credit or debit card:

Screenshot 3: Enter details in the PayPal Guest Checkout:

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