How much do I need for my classroom?

The Makedo INVENT kit has been set up with classroom groups in mind; you'll find that the included tools and connectors are enough for approximately 12-24 makers to be engaged in some seriously playful creativity all at the same time.

This kit contains 360 pieces consisting of:

14x SAFE-SAW - Steel blade with to sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard.

7x FOLD-ROLLER - Perforate lines to sculpt like a pro

7x SCRU-DRIVER - Connect cardboard as simply as righty tighty, lefty loosey.

240x SCRU - Connects up to three layers of corrugated cardboard

80x SCRU+ - Connects up to six layers of corrugated cardboard and 3d printed additions

12x MINI-TOOL - For parallel and cooperative making

1x INSPIRATION POSTER - Discover a world of possibilities with 52" / 132cm of illustrated Makedo creation ideas.

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