Are the old and new versions of Makedo compatible?

We have been building with cardboard for many years, and the Makedo tools and connectors have steadily evolved over time.
This article focuses on the Makedo connectors.

The Pin & Clip
The early generation Pin & Clip connector was discontinued back in 2013. 
We have addressed a number of technical (quality, ecological) and usability issues in the upgrade. We encourage you to try the updated range, the response from our creative community has been overwhelmingly positive!

You can see many community creations and examples of these tools in use on the Makedo Inspiration HUB:

What about the first Makedo Scru?
The introduction of the Scru connector was a game-changer for Makedo, and for our global community of makers. This connector was paired with a grey-handled Scru-Driver and also the smaller Mini-Tool. 
We have since introduced the trio of Makedo tools: an updated Scru-Driver, metal-bladed Safe-Saw, and the innovative Fold-roller.
All Scru connectors and tools will be compatible across our entire range; from the first version back in 2013 through to the latest updates currently under production.

Here is an image showing the Pin & Clip:
( no longer in production)

The first Makedo Scru and Scru-Driver:
(compatible with all current-generation tools and connectors)

Updated Scru and Scru-Driver:
(compatible with earlier Scru and Scru-Driver)

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