Will my credit card payment incur additional fees or charges?

Makedo is an Australian company accepting payments using an Australian-based bank. As such, some banks may charge an extra fee when transferring money to us. These charges are known as "international transaction fees" or "foreign currency fees." 

These charges result in the customer paying a slightly increased amount above the Makedo invoice total. The extra charge, which can be 1-3% of the invoice, may appear as a separate transaction on your credit card or added to the invoice total by your bank.

The amount that Makedo charges and receives is only the value of the Makedo products that have been ordered. The additional charges are added by the customer's bank, and cannot be detected by our billing system. We are therefore not able to include this amount on an invoice issued by Makedo.

US and Canadian customers will be charged in USD for all orders.
International customers are charged in USD, and depending on your location there may be a conversion fee that is applied by your bank.
UK and EU customers are charged in EUR, and depending on your location there may be a conversion fee that is applied by your bank. 
Australian customers are charged in AUD for all orders, with no currency conversion. 

Any additional fees are entirely dependent on the policy of the Credit Card issuing bank. 

NOTE: To ensure you are not charged an International Transaction Fee, payment can be made using your credit card via the PayPal gateway at checkout. This will incur no additional charges and Guest payments do not require a PayPal account. Payment via the PayPal gateway is currently available for Makedo customers in the USA/Canada and International stores. 

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