What materials are Makedo tools made from?

We use 3 different types of plastic material, each selected for functional suitability:

Plastic-recyc-05.svg Number 5 plastics can be recycled through some curb-side programs.
Plastic-recyc-abs.svgâ¹ Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curb-side programs now take them. 
Polyamide Resin Code.tiffâ¹ Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curb-side programs now take them.

Closing the loop: End-of-Life Program for Makedo tools

Makedo will accept end-of-life returns for all of our plastic products. Contact us using the following form to organise a returns package* so that we can take care of recycling the materials for reuse in future manufactured products.
* Returns program operates in specific regions parallel to the global Makedo warehouse distribution network.

Closing the Loop Submission
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Educating on Reuse & Upcycling, Inspiring Social Change Through Playful Creativity.

One of the core ideas behind Makedo is to inspire social change through playful creativity.
A construction system with a conscience, Makedo gives people of all ages a way of seeing discarded or used cardboard with new eyes. By providing the smallest of parts, Makedo unleashes the potential for the creation of alternatives to short-lived plastic toys - both small and very large. From dolls to dollhouses to playhouses, from push-cars to ride-in cars to race-tracks, anything is possible. 
Makedo alters the perceived value of objects and materials by providing an accessible means of upcycling. This shift in perception is a critical step towards addressing the waste crisis we find ourselves in. Makedo highlights a serious issue and offers a highly practical solution wrapped in a most digestible of forms – play. 
The Makedo parts are completely reusable. This enables a long life of play with the parts but also enables creations to be pulled apart so the cardboard building materials can be recycled.
Lastly, the product packaging is designed to suit the size of the product. So many retail products feature oversized packaging to add to the perceived value of the product. Makedo products are designed to be size appropriate which in turn reduces the carbon footprint of Makedo’s range when they are shipped around the world.

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