Can I change my shipping address?

How To Update Address or Cancel Order:

It is important that you enter the correct details when purchasing from the Makedo Shop.
Please be sure to check your shipping address for errors before placing an order. 

Can I change the Shipping Address after placing an order?
It will be possible for you to change the shipping address within one hour of placing your order. After this time, the information entered at checkout will be forwarded to our warehouse and changes can no longer be made.

How do I change my shipping address?
There are three places where your shipping address can be updated. Please note that these options are only available for 1 hour after the order has been placed on our store.
Your address can be change (or order canceled) here:
1. Order confirmation page:
You will see an option to Update Address or Cancel Order on the Order Confirmation page.
2. Order confirmation email:
There is a button to Update Address in your Order Confirmation email, in the Customer Information section.
3. Log in to your account:
When logged in to your account on our store, there is an Update Address button alongside the entry for your recent order.

What happens 1 hour after my order is placed?
After one hour has passed, it is no longer possible to change the shipping details or to cancel your order.

Why the 1 hour limit?
Makedo is an Australian company based in (and operating from) Melbourne, Australia. Our customer service operates during AU (Eastern) business hours and we cannot guarantee that a request to change shipping details will be seen before your parcel ships from your regional Makedo warehouse.

Your order will be processed according to the shipping address entered at checkout. By default, we do not offer the option to change your shipping address more than one hour after an order has been submitted. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to enter the shipping address correctly prior to checkout.

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