Why is the Makedo Scru blue?

There are three reasons we chose the Scru colour:

  1. We didn’t want the Scru’s to get lost amongst all the cardboard. Most cardboard is white or brown, so we chose a colour that is bright and contrasts well against the cardboard. Each Scru can be reused again and again for future Makedo projects so you don’t want to lose any of them! 
  2. Makedo is suitable for all ages and genders. The colour is actually blue-green which we determined to be neutral and non-gendered.
  3. A vital part of the Makedo making process is disassembly so that the cardboard can be recycled. It is really important that all the Scru’s are removed from the cardboard before recycling because they can harm the cardboard recycling process. Similar to the first reason, making them visually ‘pop’ on the cardboard ensures that you don’t overlook any during the disassembly process. 

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